Oktoberfest 2022


Contract: Limburger Oktoberfest
Photo: Ondrej Vibes

Five days of intense Oktoberfest fun at the Limburger Oktoberfest under the direction of the German event agency NA+1. This year again, the local hall in the centre of Limburg has been redesigned into an attractive venue with elaborate decorations, this time in the style of “Folow the horses”. And so there was no shortage of horse motifs and large globes, with the memento that all roads lead to Limburg.

Once again, I had the opportunity to capture Oktoberfest day by day, hour by hour and thus capture these unique moments. I brought over 8000 photos and submitted over 1500. Take a look at the selection of them.

The bands rocked it again and the women in drindles were as lovely as always…

I have structured my selection of photos to guide you through the story of the event. The Na+1 agency did a great job again. Excellent organization, perfect teamwork of people on the spot and even better sound, provided by D&B Audiotechnik agency. 8000 participants, over 70 job opportunities and a good portion of festival culture. I look forward to seeing you again next year! 

October 2022 • Limburg [Germany]