F458 Speciale

F458 Speciale

Photo: Ondrej Vibes
Client: Menhouse

Do you know Ferrari F458 Speciale? If you have a passion for supersports, you could know it. When I got an offer from the chief editor of Menhouse magazine to take photos of Ferrari F458 Speciale I did not hesitate a moment to do this.

The weather was great, beautifull sunny summer, clear blue sky without a cloud. Neverthelless the best photos were on the contrary taken when we stopped by at industrial halls at Vysočany. Four days before this there was a fire in one of these halls. To get inside would be worth. And we did it. So we parked the elegant red one right in between the charred walls, black from the ashes.

Shiny supersport at charred wreckage of a factory hall. We could not wish for bigger contrast. Besides the hall I was taking also photos of F458 in action. I wish you could experience such

August 2015 • Prague [Czech Republic]