Beerfest Bands

Beerfest Bands

Photo: Ondřej Vibes

Bands: Die Stockhiatla, Die Sumpfkröten, New City Beats, Münchner Zwietracht

German girls with rich bust in traditional costumes, harmonica, mugs and German beer festival music, which is only a step away from the typical Austrian Tyrol songs. You would probably imagine Octoberfest amusement this way. However, things went differently.

At the Limburger Oktoberfest I took pictures of all the performers and this gallery is a cut through all beerfest evenings. It was a wild ride. Sharp vocals, guitars, brass instruments, keybord riffs, DJ support. High quality professional production with an elaborate performance. People really had fun.

Yes, German sounded every evening, for example Munchen Zwietracht were really great, but New City Beats show was something I really did not expect. Pummeling funky disco bursting with unbelievable energy, expulsed by three vocalists supported by a group of brass players and a DJ. See their video HERE.

October 2016 • Limburg [Germany]