I specialize in  advertising photography to support your brand and promotional events.


To me, the advertising photography is an unlimited space for new ideas and creativity. I enjoy discovering new possibilities. At work I emphasize communication, creativity and cooperation with the client. I focus on branding. It is always a great challenge to come up with an original idea backed by a strong philosophy and developed into details in such a way to introduce the client’s brand in a new light.
In my photographs, you can find a story and emotions, everyone becomes a hero, a character with a precisely defined role. I like the play of a shadow and light, and I prefer a complex postproduction. Staged pictures require an extensive preparation. I collaborate with production companies, I have my own team that will be available to you the day of photo-shooting.
Do you need to shift your brand and expand your brand awareness? My photos will help you with promotion and PR. I photographed for example Newland, Menhouse, Zapfblatt.

How Does A Client Photoshoot Look Like?

1First we make an appointment, discuss your idea, think about the main theme.

2Subsequently, I elaborate design solutions, prepare the appropriate mood-board or storyboard.

3After fine-tuning the details, I set up a casting with a production company, find a suitable location, arrange all the necessary things for the shooting day.

4On the day of shooting, we meet at a place, I shoot using CaptureOne with the CapturePilot function. My iPad will be available to you any time.

5You can select photos and together we can adjust the scene right away.

6The result is a series of photos ready for postproduction.

7I focus on sophisticated postproduction, in addition to the advert retouching, I also work with photomontage to support the story and get the right emotions into the picture.

Sample of postproduction

Thematic photos

Magazine covers



Capturing emotions at your company event and during its entire course is always a great affair for me. I like to be on the spot before it all begins to scroll through the program with you and capture the place yet without guests, eventually welcome them, maybe with a welcome photo by the photo-wall. Each event has a unique atmosphere. It reflects the corporate spirit and corporate culture. A dynamics in time.
I observe the whole happening carefully, I wait for the right moments and focus on individual details. I communicate with people or capture the details from a distance using a “long glass”. I always aiming on emotions, good mood and joy. With two cameras, I use a range of different lenses. Over time, I’ve developed a special technique of postproduction in which I play with the balance between the light and shadow.
Therefore you get a different set of photos, it makes your images to look much more plastic. For example, I was shooting for theHilton Hotel CEO’s Conference, Limburger Oktoberfest, Heaton, Chocostory, and others.

Photos published in the Zapfblatt magazine

Send a questionBEHIND THE SCENES

I got to the backstage photo shooting thanks to the colleagues from Tvision, with extensive experience in music video shooting. Taking of the Making-of pictures allows me to infiltrate into the world of movies. I become a part of the shooting, move silently with the flow of the camera and capture every action on the set.
Even in this case, I use advanced postproduction, the same way as for the event photography. But also with the story of the whole shooting day.
The result is series of photos, always arranged to guide you through the shooting day as if you were part of it. I’ve photographed for example
Chinaski, DJ Wich, Aneta Antosova or  Manequine Challange pro Hot Peppers.

I’ve been shooting for:


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